Meet Leah Leaman and Felicity Meakins, two of the 30 creators of ‘Tamarra: A Story of Termites on Gurindji Country’. Listen as they explain how the book came together. The book was inspired by a Gurindji bush medicine practice where Gurindji children are treated with heated termite mound mixed with medicinal plants to strengthen their bodies in preparation for developmental stages such as fontanelle closure, crawling and walking. Termites also play a fundamental role in the spinifex ecosystems across northern Australia. ‘Tamarra’ brings together these Gurindji and Western perspectives in a beautiful children’s book. It emerged from a series of workshops in 2021 to Gurindji school children which passed on knowledge of Gurindji uses of termite mound and scientific understandings of them. Also important were a series of collaborative artworks produced for the book that also showed in an exhibition at CDU Gallery Café in Darwin.